Best of the Web

Very often career advice for artists is heavy on the marketing and selling angle. The reality is that most artists want to focus on making art first, developing a new body of work, and getting exposure. We recognize that marketing and branding may not be your go-to skill set and certainly not at the top of your to-do list. You’re just not that kind of artist and that’s okay. For you we’ve put together a best of the web collection on advise from other artists that focus on making art. And making good art leads to opportunities.




  • How do you capture a portrait without a face-to-face encounter with your subject? Catherine Opie is is an American fine-art photographer. In this video Opie reveals her discovery and process that lead to capturing an alternate perception of a very famous and iconic movie star. Catherine Opie: Portrait Through a Home.


  • Unbreakable. This article at Grid on ceramic artist Stefani Threet is both inspiring and motivational. Stefani is overcoming adversity by focusing on what is most meaningful to her as an artist – “She wants to help other people to connect and find art as a way to enhance life.”


  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. Made Here is an amazing documentary series and website focusing on performing artists based in New York City. Each episode features an honest and candid view on the issues facing artists. There are so many to choose from! Here’s one on process.